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                                   Cold Air + High Air Pressure = More Engine Power

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Basic Principles: When air is ingested into an engine, an appropriate amount of fuel is pulled in with it. the greater the mass of air, the greater the amount of fuel that is pulled in, and the greater the power output. The mass of air can be increased in two ways: By making the air colder to make it more dense or by applying pressure to the air intake. A Cold Air Ram Induction System uses both methods at once, giving a very nice boost in power at a very low cost.

    You may have noticed that your car's engine runs better on cold days than on hot days. This is because the engine takes in air from under the hood in the engine compartment where the air can easily exceed 200 degrees. Using an air source from outside the car means vastly cooler , denser air and a greater air mass flowing into the engine.

    You may have also noticed that if you hold you hand outside a car's window at highway speeds there is considerable wind pressure on it. A properly designed scoop at the outside source can use this pressure to force more air into the engine, again allowing more fuel to enter, and producing more power. This pressure obviously goes up with vehicle speed and if correctly installed, a ram system can produce 4 to 6 PSI pressure boost at higher speeds. This is as much as a small turbo will produce!

For Carbureted Engines: If your car is equipped with one or more carburetors, our Cold Air Ram Induction consists of a cold air box which bolts to your carb (or carbs), a metallic articulated air duct running to the outside of the car, and a scoop at the end of the duct, backed with dual foam air filters. The cold air boxes are all 3" x 7" in cross section, but you can specify a length for the box in multiples of 4" (8", 12", 16", 20", 24", or 28"). You drill your own mounting holes in the box to attach it to you carbs and run the articulated metallic duct and scoop to the front of the engine compartment. For front engined cars the duct usually runs beside the radiator and the scoop sits just behind the grill. For rear engined cars, the duct is run to the rear and the scoop is attached there, in the high pressure area at the rear of the car. When ordering, let us know the length of the cold air box and the length of articulated ductwork that you need.

    With cold air boxes 14" or less ------- $160.00        With cold air boxes more than 14" ------- $180.00

For Fuel Injected Engines: For F.I. the cold air box is not necessary and the air runs directly through the scoop and filter to the air intake and into the engine. You must let us know what the outside diameter of your air intake is so that we can supply you with the proper ring adapter in the end of the duct. Installation is simply a matter of attaching the articulated duct to the air intake and running the duct and scoop to the desired location. When ordering, please et us know the diameter of your air intake and the length of articulated ductwork that you need.

    All single intake models ------------------- $160.00

NOTE: Articulated ductwork simply means that the metallic duct is segmented and the duct can be turned right, left, up or down by simply rotating the segments in relation to each other. Clever devils, these engineers!

SHIPPING & HANDLING: $28.00 BY SURFACE            $56.00 BY AIR            $112.00 BY NEXT DAY AIR