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       The Answer to suspension "mushiness"

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 Why Delrin?

    Stock suspension bushings on a car are normally made from soft rubber, which is great for a boulevard ride, but leaves something to be desired in the handling department. The rubber simply has too much "give" to make the car handle the way it should. Over a period of time, the rubber deteriorates, becomes even softer, and the handling gradually gets worse and worse. Delrin is a virtually faultless thermoplastic that has high strength and wear resistance, great rigidity, and is self-lubricating. In other words, it is ideal for suspension bushings. Delrin takes the mushy feel out of the suspension and steering and allows a car to handle the way that it should. The improvement is tremendous and the cost is minimal.

How to order Delrin bushings:

    Delrin bushings are made to order and cannot simply be ordered by make, model, and year. Please allow 7 to 14 days for this, plus shipping time. 'Sorry, but we don't keep any bushings "ready made" on the shelf. We are frequently asked to make bushings for various applications other than suspensions. We will be glad to do these for you if you can furnish a sample or a drawing. Please call, write, email, or fax for a quote on non-automotive bushings. To make Delrin bushings for you, either automotive or non-automotive, we must have one of the following:

            1. A new stock rubber bushing as a sample


            2. A drawing of the bushing with dimensions

                                                                    Price Schedule per Bushing:

    Pricing is determined by the size of the bushing. Measure the diameter of the bushing at it's largest diameter and at it's length at the longest length. Then determine the cost per bushing from the chart below: If your bushing is outside these ranges please call for a quote. If you want a metal sleeve inside the bushing, please add the cost from the right hand column below. If you want a metal sleeve outside the bushing, then add an additional charge for that also.

         Diameter                          Length                         Price per bushing    Additional Charge for Metal Sleeve
2" or less                        2" or less                                   $38.00                        $30.00
2" or less                        2" to 4"                                   $46.00                        $30.00
2" to 3"                        2" or less                                   $46.00                        $40.00
2" to 3"                        2" to 4"                                   $54.00                        $40.00

SHIPPING & HANDLING:     BY SURFACE --- $12.00            BY 2-DAY AIR --- $24.00            BY NEXT DAY AIR --- $48.00