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    Our distributors are all completely rebuilt, with new bushings, wiring, springs, points, etc. They should be considered to be the equivalent of a new distributor. For most models, you can buy them either with or without sending in the old exchange distributor. If you do send in an exchange it must be the same type and model of the distributor that you are ordering. If you don't send in an exchange then ad the appropriate core charge to the price of the distributor.

    Virtually every import car that was ever made with a distributor is covered. If your car make is not listed or you are not sure please call and ask.

                                                            PRICES AND PRICE CODES:


                                        EXCHANGE PRICE

                            CORE CHARGE (If no exchange)


















              AVAILABLE FOR THE FOLLOWING CARS (If your car is not listed call and ask)=====================================================================================

Acura Integra (F) Mazda B-2000,2200,2400 (D) Saab 99 (C) Volvo 260 (C)
Acura Vigor (D) Mazda RX-7 (D) Saab 900 (E)    Volvo 740, 760 (D)
Acura Legend (E)  Mazda 626, MX-6 (E)  Subaru EA-81, 82 (E) Volvo 780 (D)
Alfa Romeo 4-cylinder (D)   Subaru Justy, XT (E) Volvo 940 (C)
Alfa Romeo 6-cylinder (E) MGB (A)   Volvo 122, 1800 (A)
Audi Quattro (D) MG Midget 1500 (E) Toyota Camry (D) Volvo 142-4-5 (B)
Audi 4000 (B) MG MIDGET 1275 (A) Toyota Celica (D)  Volvo 240 (D)
Audi 5000 (D) MGA (B) Toyota MR-2 (D)  
Audi 5000 (D) Mitsubishi 1.6 (C) Toyota 2-TC, 3-TC (B) VW Water-cool 4-cyl (D) 
  Mitsubishi 2.0 (C) Toyota Supra (D) VW Water-cool 6-cyl (E)
Austin-Healey Sprite 948 (B) Mitsubishi 2.6 (D)    
Austin-Healey Sprite 1100 (B) Mitsubishi 3.0 (E)  Triumph  GT-6, TR-6 (C)  
Austin-Healey 100-4 (C)   Triumph Spitfire (C)  
Austin-Healey 100-6, 3000 (C) Nissan 200-SX (E) Triumph TR-2,3,4,4A (B)  
  Nissan 240-SX (F) Triumph TR-7 (E)   
BMW 318, 320 (C) Nissan 240-Z (A) Triumph TR-8 (E)  
BMW Bavaria (C) Nissan 260, 280-Z (B)    
BMW 530, 630 (C) Nissan 300-ZX (E)    
BMW 633, 733 (C) Nissan Sentra (E) Mercedes (Call)  
BMW 1.6, 1.8, 2000, 2002 (B) Nissan L-16, 18, 20 (A)    
  Nissan Maxima (E) Porsche 911 (E)  
Fiat 124 1,4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 (A) Nissan SPL-310, SRL-311 (B) Porsche 356, 912 (D)  
Fiat 2000, Lancia (D)   Porsche 914 (C)  
Fiat X-1/9 1.3, 1.5 (C) Opel (B) Porsche  924 (C)  
    Porsche 928 (E)  
Ford Escort (D) Honda FI (F) Jaguar 3.8 (C)  
Ford Probe (F) Honda carbureted (A) Jaguar 4.2 (E)  
  Hyundai (E)   Jaguar V-12 (D)  

                                  ** Distributors are available for many other makes of cars **

    If we don't have a distributor in stock we can always rebuild your old distributor to like-new condition. The exchange  price is the same either way. Just give us a phone call to find out at (205) 823-7278

SHIPPING & HANDLING: By surface ----- $12.00        By 2-day air ----- $24.00    By Next Day Air ----- $48.00