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History of PAECO Industries

Welcome to PAECO Industries !!                                     Serving Import Car Performance Customers Since 1964

    PAECO was started by Carl Stringfellow in 1964 as a part-time mail-order business selling parts to SCCA racers from the basement of his home. Carl was an active SCCA racer himself at that time, starting out with an Austin-Healey 100-4 and ultimately driving a Lister-Corvette at the end of his racing career. He was a research chemist during the day and would come home and work on the fledging mail-order business and his race car nights and weekends.

    The three pursuits eventually became too much as PAECO continued to grow, and Carl gave up his research chemistry job to devote more time to PAECO and racing. Eventually, the racing also had to go, as PAECO sales doubled and tripled each year during those early years.

    In 1970 the business was moved to a downtown rented business location and a machine shop was added. PAECO engines became known for their remarkable power output, and engine orders flooded in. Customers began asking for special parts that were not obtainable, so PAECO began manufacturing custom items. Today, PAECO makes a wide variety of racing parts, including exotic items from titanium and aluminum. Some items are still available only from PAECO as the only supplier in the world for them.

    By 1986 PAECO had outgrown its old building and was moved to a brand new facility on the top of a mountain south of Birmingham, which is the present location.. Thanks to the internet, PAECO parts are now shipped all over the world, but serving SCCA and Vintage racers is still a top priority. The roots of the business have not been forgotten.