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                                             OIL COOLER KITS                                                   



     Keeping engine oil cool during times of engine stress is beyond the capability of standard, factory equipped cooling systems.   Engine bearings are composed of a lead, indium, and copper alloy with a very low melting point. At temperatures above 300 degrees, this material becomes soft and bearing life is drastically shortened. A rough rule of thumb is that for every 20 degree rise in temperature      beyond 300 degrees, bearing life is halved. Our oil coolers are designed to cope with heat that the stock system can't handle.                               COMPLETE OIL COOLER KIT 

    These oil coolers get the job done!  The efficient manifold design of these oil coolers enables large quantities of oil to circulate through all 1/2" copper tubes simultaneously. A turbulator makes it possible for all of the hot oil to be circulated evenly and assures that the heat will have maximum dissipation from the tubes to the fins and into the air flow. This gives the coolers their outstanding performance.   


                                                                                                                                                                                   REMOTE FILTER MOUNT

    The oil coolers come in two different sizes for different sized engines and applications. If you are racing or have an engine larger than 3.0 liters, get the large cooler. For engines under 3.0 liters that are not being raced, the small cooler will do the job.

            SMALL COOLER - 6" X 2" X 12"                     LARGE COOLER - 6" X 2" X 18"

    The most common mounting point for the cooler is in front of the water radiator. Lines can then be run to the Remote Filter Mount, which can be attached in any convenient location, and to the Adapter. The oil will travel to the Remote Filter Mount, then to the Cooler, and finally back to the engine. Complete kits include a small or large oil cooler with cooler mounts, hose fittings, high pressure/high temperature oil hose, block adapter, and a remote filter mount. These kits fit all engines with spin-on oil filters (unscrew and throw away).

                                                                                                                                                                                                  BLOCK ADAPTER

    For engines that don't use a screw-on oil filter, a sandwich plate is required to install the oil cooler kit. This includes some of the older British sports cars. A list of available sandwich plates is as follows. Others can be made for you on request.


Austin-Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000 ---- $120.00            Alfa Romeo 2000 --- $120.00            Jaguar 3.4, 3.8, 4.2 --- $120.00

Jaguar V-12 -------- $160.00                                         Lotus 1600 DOHC -- $120.00           Triumph TR-2,3,4,4A --- $100.00


COMPLETE LARGE OIL COOLER KIT  $220.00        ****************** COMPLETE SMALL OIL COOLER KIT  $180.00

SHIPPING & HANDLING ON COMPLETE KITS:                                                                              

           BY SURFACE ------ $18.00         BY 2-DAY AIR ----- $38.00     BY NEXT DAY AIR ----- $58.00



                                                                                                                                                                                            INSTALLATION KIT

INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS: Individual components are also available, so that you can design your own system:
Small oil cooler only $130.00 ***** Large oil cooler only $170.00 ***** Installation Kit only $78.00
(Installation kit includes Filter mount, Adapter, & Hose ends - does not include Oil Cooler or Hose)   *****     *****    
Block Adapter only $38.00 ***** Remote Filter Mount only $38.00 (Does not include hose barbs)      
Oil hose barb fittings $4.00 ea ***** Hi-pressure hi-temp oil cooler hose $4.00/ft      


     BY SURFACE ------ $12.00         BY 2-DAY AIR ------ $24.00         BY NEXT DAY AIR ------ $48.00