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 Placing a RUSH Telephone Order:

    The quickest way to get parts is to call your order in to us and specify air shipment (either 2-day or next-day air). These orders get special attention and priority handling. Our Order Desk number for placing phone orders is (205) 823-7278.  If you place your order before 10:00 AM, CST, your order will go out to you that day if we have the items in stock. The easiest payment method is by credit card. We will ship C.O.D. for small items which we have in stock but not large items, such as exhaust systems, or special order items which must be made. All C.O.D. orders incur an extra $10.00 handling charge.

 GUIDELINES FOR CUSTOM ORDERS: We do a lot of machine work and custom fabrication of parts, all of which falls into the “Special Order” category. Items which fall into this classification include flywheels, pulleys, clutches, cylinder heads, short blocks, engines, copper head gaskets, all machine work, and all non-stocked items. As a general rule, anything that has to be “made” or “ordered” when you order it, is going to be Special Order.

    These Special Order items must be paid for in advance and cannot be cancelled or returned. Once you order them, they are yours. When you call your order in, we can usually give you a fairly close estimate of the time required to make up a given item, although these will be estimated times and not guaranteed delivery times. Please order this type of part far enough ahead of time so that we will have ample time to make it up for you.

FOREIGN SHIPMENTS: We do ship all over the world. However, please be aware of the following:

     A. Foreign shipments must be fully paid for in advance. We accept checks, money orders, credit cards, and bank wires. We do NOT ship COD outside the continental USA.

    B. Shipping & Handling charges for Mexico and Canada are double that for USA destinations. Shipping & Handling for other countries are triple. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will select what we consider to be the best shipping method available. A shipment requiring customs paperwork will be assessed a $25.00 customs fee.

    C. If spoken English is a problem, you can E-mail or fax inquires or orders to us in English. We can reply in the same way.

 BANKCARD CHARGEBACKS: Most of our customers use bankcards when ordering from us, and that's fine. We make no extra charge for this (although we have to pay a charge for it). However, a few unscrupulous people have in the past ordered by bankcard and then ordered their bank not to honor the payment. This is known as a chargeback, and is a fraud and a national problem. The following is our response to chargebacks:

     1. If the merchandise is kept by the person ordering the chargeback, we will turn the matter over to the police for criminal prosecution under the applicable theft and fraud laws.

     2. If Special-Order merchandise is returned by a person, we will place his name on the National Merchant’s Bankcard list, and he will be denied the use of his bankcard for mail orders in the future.

    These methods may seem harsh but it appears necessary to stop those who want "something-for-nothing".

Ordering Dir.