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                        Racing Sponsorships


    Racing is an expensive business and a little financial assistance is never unwelcome. We have  a program to offer partial sponsorships to the SCCA and Vintage racers who use our PAECO engines. Any SCCA or Vintage organization member using one of our racing engines is eligible to participate in this program. The racer must sign a statement promising to display our PAECO decals on his car and also to allow us to use his name in our advertising. Credits for purchases at PAECO are awarded based on the type of event and the finishing position. The awards are as follows:

SCCA National Runoffs: 1st Place ----- $2,000 2nd Place ----- $1,000 3rd Place ----- $500
SCCA National Races: 1st Place ----- $600 2nd Place ----- $400 3rd Place ----- $200
Vintage & SCCA Regional Races: 1st Place ----- $300 2nd Place ----- $200  3rd Place ----- $100
SCCA Solo Nationals: 1st Place ----- $300 2nd Place ----- $200 3rd Place ----- $100

    With a well prepared car and a good driver, enough awards can be won to go a long way towards keeping the race car healthy and competitive. Please note that these awards are made only in the form of credits that can be spent for parts or services at PAECO -- not in cash. To participate in this program, simply print out the application blank, fill it in, and mail it, along with your engine order to PAECO. When you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any of these events, just mail us the official results and we will send you the award credit. We may also publish your victory on our website or in some of the racing journals. The engine order forms can be downloaded from the "Engines" page of this website. Got questions? Either email us at gofast@paeco.comt or call us at (205) 823-7278. we'll be glad to hear from you.

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