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                                   Titanium Products

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Fantastic strength and light weight !

    The following new items, made from titanium, were introduced by PAECO in 1999. Titanium is a unique metal that is approximately twice as strong as steel, but only one half the weight. Since a tremendous amount of HP is consumed in an engine by simply moving parts up and down at high RPM, titanium can provide both more power and greater reliability. Parts can be made at twice the strength and half the weight, OR at the same strength and 1/4th the weight. If you are a serious racer, you should consider titanium for your engine.

Titanium Wristpins

    A standard or chrome-moly wristpin usually weighs up to 1/2 of what it's corresponding forged aluminum piston weighs. By changing to titanium pins and using the "1/4th the weight and same strength" approach, the total reciprocating weight can be reduced drastically, resulting in big HP gains. As an example, a piston may weigh 400 grams and the pin 200 grams. By reducing the weight of the pin to 50 grams, we save 150 grams per rod/piston assembly, or 900 grams for a 6-cyl engine (approx. 2 pounds). At 6000 RPM, this would provide a gain of about 10 horsepower. At higher RPM, the gain would be even more. Wristpins are made to order. We must know both the diameter and length of the pin you need. The price is $150.00 per pin.

Titanium Retainers

    The same thinking applies to valve spring retainers, as we make them half the weight, but twice as strong. Anyone who has ever had a retainer fail and subsequently dropped a valve down into an engine at high RPM will appreciate that doubled strength. We have retainer patterns for most engines, but if we don't have a pattern for yours, then you will have to send a stock retainer, a valve, and a pair of valve keepers to us to use as patterns. The price is $25 per retainer. You can see a listing of retainers in the Camshaft & Valve Train section under you make of car.

Titanium Pushrods

    Most performance pushrod engines suffer from "pushrod flex", in which the pushrods are bowed at high RPM due to heavy valve spring pressure and high valve lift. This results in erratic valve timing and power loss. Chrome-moly pushrods do solve this problem, but they are heavy and inflict a power loss due to the increased weight. Aluminum pushrods with a larger diameter rod also solve the problem, but with only a slight decrease in weight. Titanium pushrods have 1/2 the weight and twice the strength of chrome-moly. Not only do they solve the flexing problem, but they also actually provide a few extra HP due to weight reduction. Titanium pushrods are ordered by length, and you can specify any length you want at no extra charge. The price is $35.00 per pushrod. See the Camshaft & Valve Train page.

Titanium in PAECO engines

    All of our stage four engines now use titanium wristpins, retainers, and pushrods (if applicable). Titanium components are optional on all of the other stages. If you have an older PAECO catalog and compare the HP outputs of the older non-titanium engines with the HP of the new titanium engines listed in this catalog, the difference is astounding.

Titanium parts make a car go faster and increase reliability !!