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 Special Warranty:

    Many PAECO items have an extended warranty period that is longer than our standard 60-day warranty coverage. For example, clutches have a six months warranty. Usually there are special conditions connected with the special extended warranties. For example, to receive the one year camshaft warranty, you must purchase and use the PAECO valve train. Please refer to the section of the catalog dealing with a particular item for information on its warranty coverage.  PAECO Standard Limited Warranty: All merchandise purchased from PAECO Industries, Inc., is subject to the following warranty: If an item purchased from PAECO is defective, it should be returned, freight prepaid, within 60 days from the date of purchase, along with a copy of the invoice and a letter describing the defect. The repair or replacement of the defective item will be furnished without charge, subject to the following limitations;

1. The defective item must be returned to PAECO Industries, Inc. within 60 days from the date of purchase (Exception: A few items carry a longer warranty period as stated in the PAECO website, and that longer warranty period will be honored).

2. The item being returned must have been properly installed and not abused.

 3. Warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective item only, and does not cover the cost of labor, damage to other components, loss of time and transportation, or repair work done by other shops.

 4. Defective items will be replaced but not refunded.

 The warranties herein are expressed in lieu of other express or implied warranty, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness, and any other obligation on the part of PAECO Industries, Inc. In the event the foregoing exclusions and limitations should for any reason be deemed to be unenforceable by any court in any jurisdiction, then in such an event, any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness shall in no event be held to exceed 60 days from the date of purchase unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Tips on Ordering:

1. Order blanks are included on this website for your convenience. They can serve as a guideline for the information that we need from you even if you are making a phone, email, or fax order.

2. All Special-order or custom-made items must be fully paid for in advance and are non-cancelable and non-returnable under any and all circumstances. This includes orders for any items not in stock and any shop order.

3. The minimum order for parts is $20.00. If your parts total is less than $20.00, it will be brought up to $20.00. The minimum shop order is $60.00. These minimums do NOT include Shipping & Handling.

4. Save on Shipping & Handling by combining several small items together. We do encourage this. Unless you specify a shipping method, we will select the best combination of cost and speed for you.

5. Please make sure that you leave a daytime telephone number with us when you order. We may need additional information to make sure that we fill your order correctly.

6. If it is necessary to return an item, please read the procedure for returns on the inside back cover and follow those instructions. This will ensure that your return is handled quickly and correctly.

7. All non-certified checks (personal or business) will be held until they clear our bank before we ship to you. You can avoid delay by using certified checks,  money orders, bank wires, or credit cards.

 8. When ordering from outside the U.S.A: We do ship all over the world. However, please be aware of the following;

    A. Foreign shipments must be fully paid for in advance. We do accept checks, money orders, and bank wires. We do NOT ship COD outside the USA.

    B. Shipping & Handling charges are double USA destinations to Canada and Mexico, and triple for other countries. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will select what we consider to be the best shipping method available. Any shipments requiring customs paperwork will be assessed a $25.00 paperwork fee.

    C. If spoken English is a problem, you can E-mail or fax inquires or orders to us in written English. We can reply in the same way.

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