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What Makes Us Special?

    If you've never done business with PAECO before, you may well be asking this question. We think that there are several reasons that make us special, but three of the biggest are represented below and on the inside of the back cover: We try to give better, more personal service than any other performance house, and we stand behind the products that we sell --- and we've been doing this since 1964! --- Try us and see for yourself !!

  MORE GO WITHOUT THE PAIN: Anyone getting ready to modify their car's engine is naturally excited about it, but at the same time is usually fearful of making some wrong decisions and ending up with a car that is not useable. Both emotions have a sound basis. A car with a well prepared performance engine is a real joy to drive, and can be safer, more efficient, and even more economical than one with a stock engine. However, a car that has been subjected to the wrong type of modifications or has had the proper modifications done incorrectly can be a real pain and a burdensome expense. Our job is to assist you in making the correct choice of components for your car and to help you make sure that they are installed correctly. We want to give your car the most go without the pain.

     BOLT-ON STUFF vs. INTERNAL SURGERY: High performance engine modifications inevitably break down into two categories: "Bolt-it-on" from the outside or "Install-it" from the inside. Bolting stuff on from the outside is easier to do than going inside the engine, and there are a number of worthwhile modifications that fall into this category. However, after you go through the areas of intake, exhaust, and ignition systems, you begin to run out of things to do. By far the largest power gains can be made by going inside the engine and installing things like high compression pistons, stroker kits, and high lift cams. They provide very large boosts in power, and it is usually in the form of additional torque. This means quick acceleration, which you can really feel.

    WHAT WE OFFER: We offer a wide variety of parts and services for your imported car, from complete high performance engines and suspension systems to an air cleaner. We also offer a full High Performance Shop service, including cylinder head modifications, engine balancing, complete engines, and the manufacture of specialty items, such as aluminum flywheels and copper head gaskets. In spite of the wide variety of products and services, we are a small firm, and can still give personalized service to each individual. We know most of our steady customers on a first name basis, and are familiar with their cars and their plans for them. Perhaps this aspect of our business is where we can provide the average car owner with a unique service that he cannot get elsewhere. We have the experience and the knowledge to assist you with your automotive project, and are willing to make it available to you free of charge. All you have to do is call or write. We will be glad to help you.

    TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: (205) 823-7278 For call-in assistance, simply call with the subject that you need help on, and you will be connected with the proper person. For assistance by mail, please write specific questions and leave enough space underneath each question for an answer. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. There is no charge for our Technical Assistance program.

 E-Mail:                  FAX: (205) 823-5045

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